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Kicking it old-school.  
01:53am 27/06/2011
Re: A shining beacon...all alone in the night...
12:10pm 11/03/2004

"Got home to find the sleepy village of Theale Lit up in the middle of the night. I decided to head out and see what was going on.

Turns out they were filming a three-part supernatural horror series for channel 4, named Hex, to be shown this september. So sat around and watched for a while, which was kind of cool. They didn't offer me a part though, which is vaguely disappointing."

The scene they were filming featured an actor I'd never heard of before named Michael Fassbender, who has recently been in a little movie where his character has some kind of magnetic schtick going on.

Only recently made the connection and its pretty nifty.
mood: awakeawake
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Zombiethon 2011  
12:21am 27/06/2011
Feels like time to indulge in some gratuitous zombie killing, other than Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, there's been precious little anti-zombie work going on in the Buchanan household. Could really do with finding a way to play some old-school Resident Evil though.
tags: zombies
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Anyone home?  
08:58am 06/05/2011
I feel like I've been here before...
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Today's fish...  
09:09pm 22/02/2009
Things I miss of late:

I miss my tank of tropical fish that we had to leave behind when we moved back to the UK. Particularly "Iceman", the Siamese fighter who had a real grudge against my headphones.

I miss flying kites with friends. Which leads me to conclude that I must get some of my friends flying kites around here.

I miss regular gaming, but need to wait until after we get back from our holidays before I can crack on with that again.

I miss going out for breakfast at the Chinese equivalent of Ramones, or the original for that matter.

I miss being in the shop to see the new goodies coming in on a Wednesday.

However, these are all positives as they keep me looking towards what's coming next. I still have projects on the go and just need the time to bring them to fruition (or occasionally back to fruition).

In other news, Ting passed her driving test with flying colours first time out and we've bought our first car (which has not received any kind of cute name as yet). So Ting has been showing off her newfound skills all weekend leaving me to try and discover new, maintenance based skills (replacing the antique stereo is high up the list).

Still, plenty to keep me occupied at the moment, like traipsing off to Manchester to sort out my travel visa and counting down the hours until I finish work for our holiday.

18 days, 16 hours and 39 minutes.
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Damn You Guitar Hero!  
02:33pm 31/01/2009
Not content with stealing huge chunks of my life post-Christmas, Guitar Hero III is now sucking in Tingwen and I've gone and bought a real guitar which I'm slowly getting my head around.

I'd say "Like I needed another hobby" but as I have hardly done any drawing or miniature painting of late I suppose there's a window of opportunity.

and in other news...

if you feel like listening to some rather silly bits and pieces, head on over to maltoncityzoo.podomatic.com and try some of the very silly podcasts I've been doing for my group in Urban Dead.
music: Ode to Joy - slowly and quite badly.
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08:17pm 15/01/2009
...no more.

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Whoops...there goes my life.  
07:00pm 29/12/2008
Woolworths sale be praised... Tingwen bought me Guitar Hero III.

I suppose I can say goodbye to my life for a short while.
mood: geekygeeky
music: Welcome to the Jungle
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You will be visited by 3 spirits...  
06:31pm 09/12/2008
Today I was visited by the ghost of Christmas past. I didn't like him very much as he kept raking over a handful of Christmasses that I'd rather forget, shaded by pain, misery or melancholy. I'm expecting another visit tomorrow and that one had better be in a better mood or I'll be reaching for the Positron collider.
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JoCo Live...continued...  
10:24pm 03/12/2008
Strangely enough, I have video.

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Take 2  
08:58pm 03/12/2008
Will be trying to make the retrieval run again this weekend after being forced to abort last Saturday due to matters beyond our control. Kind of looking forward to getting my stuff back, less thrilled about trying to fit it all into the house.

That said, making the journey will prevent us going to Manchester's Christmas market again, having made the trip twice in the last fortnight. I was always kind of happy with Cardiff's Christmas market but this thing is awesome. Of course there's the usual mix of crafty/gifty/presenty stuff to be found (Purchase 1: New necklace for Ting's Christmas) but an awful lot of good international foody things. So whilst wandering round and enjoying a mulled wine / hot chocolate and baileys / spicy German sausage inna bun we seem to have spent an awful lot of money on food whilst still thoroughly believeing that what we bought is immensely good value for what we paid.

Each visit we have brought home a well packed bag of spiced continental sausages to which we have added Swiss Chocolates, Dutch Cheeses and other wonderful goodies we are banking for Christmas.

We also acquired a rather luxurious rug which we're both pleased with (especially after Tingwen deployed her fearsome negotiating skills).

I'll have to go back soon though, I need to get some more of those cheeses before the family comes 'round for Christmas. And possibly some more sausage. And maybe that Wooden toy crossbow...

Meanwhile....listening to...


For some reason a month after the JoCo gig (was it really that long) this song has surfaced in my head.
music: Always the Moon - Jonathan Coulton
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