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12:38pm 10/03/2014
Just a couple of things of note.

Firstly, a few months ago I bought a bundle of Science Fiction ebooks from storybundle.com, as there was some work in there from a couple of writers I enjoy. As it turned out, there was a problem with the bundle which I brought to their attention and in return, they gave me a voucher for any future bundle I desired.

This was a while ago and in the interim, there had been nothing of any great interest to me. This week, though, I noticed a new bundle had appeared with a number of fantasy books. Now, those that know me will no that I'm no huge fan of the fantasy genre (which I still attribute to my success at running the Cardiff Uni LARP story for so long), however there were a few authors in there I always have time for, so I cashed in my voucher and downloaded them all.

On Saturday, I started reading Peter David's take on the Arthurian legend, "The Camelot Papers" and although I'm a fan of David's (He has written the only Wolverine comic story I ever enjoyed, plus the best Star Trek and Babylon 5 novels in my opinion) I was intrigued by the idea.

On Sunday afternoon I finished it. It was a difficult novel to put down. It centres around a character who arrives in Camelot as slave, and through a variety of circumstances gets to see a warts-and-all view of the "true" Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot et al prior to their immortalisation in legend.

It was certainly an easy read, unlike some of the arthurian-based work I've seen, with a wry sense of humour and some historical slants on modern-day issues (the unpopularity of "wars-on-terror" with the general public, indulging people's interest in celebrity figures etc). Impressively, my estimation of Peter David as a writer has actually risen and whilst I admit the book isn't the longest (a mere 200-and-odd pages) it has been an absolute blast to read. I know I have friends out there who are bigger fans of the Arthurian legends than I am and for good or ill, I'd suggest they give it a read.

And games, well, as difficult as it may be to imagine, being many many miles from home and immersed in a distinctly foreign culture, I've actually managed to find a gaming group.

What are the odds?
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