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How on Earth...  
06:39pm 05/03/2014
With the classes I am down to teach at present, the school had a couple of contracted hours left to allocate to me and today that reclamation process began and I'm mildly thrilled.

The school apparently has an hour a week set aside for non-scholastic activities and this year, they want to put on a play, so the two are being combined and guess who's been pegged to run this, that's right, me.

So now I'm going to be directing an English language play, performed by Korean pupils, in China. Frankly I consider this to be a good thing, having spent much of the week mulling over an old article I'd read about Shakespeare in the Hong Kong schooling system. Now I don't think I'll invoke the Bard on my unsuspecting students, but I think this could still be a good thing.

Next step though, is to pick out a play when the numbers have been ironed out. There are a few thoughts at present, including Bugsy Malone and Wyrd Sisters, unless I suddenly find their free time to write/adapt something myself (noting that Christmas Carol was an early frontrunner, apart from the fact they want the performance in October).

Any other suggestions.
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02:31pm 07/03/2014 (UTC)
Good Luck!
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03:48am 10/03/2014 (UTC)
Much appreciated, although I'm actually kind of looking forward to this one.
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