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Cultural shenanigans  
09:50am 03/03/2014
New post is well underway now and with the other lower-school teachers I've been asked to help come up with ideas for a "cultural day" (name to be reviewed) for the students. It was suggested that British classroom/playground games could be used - but I'm increasingly designed to reach for something a bit more specific to one of the individual cultures of Britain, namely from my own background.

Hence I now find myself wondering about the possibility of a miniature Highland Games and/or Ceilidh. I'm reasonably convinced that (with a little work) I can source a school-safe caber, but am now looking through whatever materials I can lay my hands on to come up with other ideas I can adapt. Seems like the odds are a bit long for finding a piper in Shenyang at present though.
location: Shenyang, China
mood: busybusy
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