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Speaka da lingo?  
09:04am 27/02/2014
As some of you will know, my attempts to master, or at least get on diplomatic terms, with the Chinese language have been spotty at best, a mess of mispronunciations, tonal errors and seeing the written form as a pretty, but largely unrecognisable, symbols. Well a white knight has appeared on the horizon to rescue me to some extent.

Last year I started browsing Kickstarter, primarily intrigued by some of the board and card games I'd seen coming up through there. On one browsing session I happened upon something a bit different and that something was Chineasy, a learning system for written Chinese that builds on recognisable, pictorial depictions of root words and builds up from there.

Well, I saw some real potential in this, so Chineasy became the first kick starter I supported, buying in at a level that would get me the eBook on release. I was far from the only person that the project appealed to as it handsomely soared past its target.

Well the eBook became available in December and with everything that was going on, remained undownloaded, although always at the back of my mind.

I eventually got around to it this week and although I'm not pretending to have taken it all in through my cursory pass, seeing written Chinese now has metamorphosed from an unrecognisable jumble, to at least a decent handful of building blocks that I'm more confident I can piece together.

More impressively, I sat with Orin and Tingwen's mum yesterday having a browse and he has taken a real shine to it, so much so that on the way home after dinner last night, he was confidently picking individual words out from signs with no prompting.

So if you have any interest in looking at written Chinese at all, check out Chineasy, it will be well worth your while.
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