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Funny old week  
11:02pm 21/02/2014
It has indeed been a funny old week. We're more or less settled now in terms of the apartment, although the internet connection can be quite erratic from time to time, at least we have somewhere to cook what we want, which helps.

I've started at work, although no students yet so all prep work so far, plus a looming work away-day to discuss the curriculum, which should bed fun.

And now, some short notes...

1: there's a nightclub on the route to work with the slogans outside "Hot Dance Int. Club", which I keep reading in my mind with a Yorkshire accent, "Hot Dance in t'club.".

2: There's also a bar along the route called Cybertron. Now on my list of places to go.

3: My favourite meeting arrangement of the year so far, possibly of all time. Tingwen: "I'll meet you at the goat".

Oh well, back to work.
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09:15pm 21/02/2014 (UTC)
Your own personal cheeses: pink
Hey Kev, have you thought of using a VPN or proxy to get on FB?


or the Tor Browser. :)
picword: pink
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(no subject)
11:04pm 21/02/2014 (UTC)
Yep, but these days they are all blocked for download.
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11:06pm 21/02/2014 (UTC)
Your own personal cheeses
Ah, boo!
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(no subject)
11:08pm 21/02/2014 (UTC)
Yeah, I think we'll need to wait until we can take a holiday before we can download anything like that.
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