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Baby its cold outside.  
12:11am 16/02/2014
OK, it has actually been pretty cold since I got here, with the temperature regularly dropping past -17°c, but today it started to snow and as tonight has gone on, its settled. There's not much yet, perhaps an inch from where I'm looking, but its made their place look completely different, as Shenyang is usually pretty dusty at this time of year. All I can say is that I'm very pleased we stocked up on decent winter clothes on our visits to the outlet villages before we left.

The last of the boxes we sent arrived yesterday as well, so we have pretty much everything we need for now in those terms, certainly enough DVDs and games to keep me going, anyway, plus the last of Orin and Connor's Christmas presents.

It's been noticeably quieter tonight than any night we've been here so fast, as the News Year festivities ended yesterday, so there are no more fireworks for now, although sadly this means all the lanterns, etc are coming down too. I have some pictures though, so I'll try to get those up when I have time.
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