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Flexible educational thingies.  
06:13pm 10/02/2014
Yeah, so, the settling in process continues apace.

We're still not into the new apartment yet as we try to iron out a few things, however at least we're making progress. The boiler appears to be sorted out as it was running a little cool, so that's progress and as for the broadband, well that was quick.

We phoned the company to find out how much it would cost (200 pounds for set up and three-years subscription for a fibre-optic system). Within half an hour the technicians were on-site and within another thirty minutes the cable and wireless-router were installed, with the technicians hanging around long enough to see if my X-Box could connect (which it can, although spottily - which is largely to be expected).

A little more furniture to get and then we should be able to settle in, which will be nice.

Then it was a little time focussing on the work situation. Of course I have my main job lined up, although we have a few more weeks until term starts, however it was time to dig out a second, part-time job to help make a little spending money so we can save my main income. So we got bck in touch with a private school I wused to work with and after an hour I walked out with another 6-12 hours classes each weekend, which should do the job nicely (plus i get to work in one of the coolest looking buildings in town).

So yeah, progress.

I still need to get my mobile unlocked though, which is taking time as the best places to go have only just reopened after New Year, which is what's also holding up things like buying furniture etc (although a visit to IKEA helped a little in that regard).
location: Shenyang, China
mood: hopefulhopeful
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