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Here and here again  
09:09pm 02/05/2013
This is a little like coming back to an old familiar building, where there are a lot of memories and everything feels the same, but the paint is beginning to peel and there's a strange scent of... something... in the corner.

Still, I wanted to come back for a while and see how the old place is, let the world know what's going on in a way that doesn't feel like a pubic forum, no matter how ostensibly friend-friendly Facebook allegedly is.

So yeah, I'm still here. Fighting on level ground for what feels like the first time in ages and against reasonably impressive odds, having a surprisingly good time.

I'm still struggling to get my creative impulse back at full speed, although it is beginning to crank up again to an extent. I've got a feeling that it won't kick back into gear for a while, but its giving me enough to keep busy. Mostly I have a new project on the boil, a "sequel" of sorts to my podcasting adventures of a few years back. I still need to rope a couple more adventurous people to help out, but a lot of the groundwork in terms of domain names, websites and equipment is now in place.

That said, perhaps this is all a bit optimistic with baby #2 lurking on the horizon, but perhaps I'd rather be a creative and enthusiastic dad than a by-the-numbers father.

So old hobbies which have laid dormant for a while are filtering back in. Camerawork and editing, kite flying, drawing.. all have been a bit neglected but the chances to indulge are coming back.

Learning to drive hasn't hurt either, as it's let me and the Big Yin get out and do what we want, especially as he seems to favour castles, boats and aeroplanes at the moment.

So yeah, Im still here. Hope you are all well.
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08:23am 03/05/2013 (UTC)
jenfer_k: Evil Edna
Hobbies?!? Whats a hobby? Is that where you get a full nights sleep or two minutes to read a book? ;) Good luck with that.

When is sprog two due?

Edited at 2013-05-03 08:23 am (UTC)
picword: Evil Edna
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08:05pm 06/05/2013 (UTC)
Castles, cool we all like visiting castles as well. In terms of hobbies I miss boardgames, we rarely have other adults to play with, but pinker does play sometimes.Nice to see you back here
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